New release from NetherRealm

Storming up to the top of the UK charts last month was the new release of Injustice 2. From award-winning studio NetherRealm and featuring a huge cast of DC Super Heroes and Super Villains, players can customise, power up and battle with the ultimate version of their favourite DC character.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the experienced team at NetherRealm on three key features of the game: Guilds, King of the Hill and AI Battle Simulator. In addition, we conceived over 150 original designs for Modifier icons, Guild banners and Guild icons.

Interactive prototyping

For Guilds and AI Battle Simulator, we built a native application system unique to Sprung. An interactive prototyping toolkit, delivered via TestFlight to the clients, enabled the high fidelity wireframes to be played and tested before the visual style was applied. Using a game controller with iPad, the prototypes were used extensively in-house, ensuring that any questions over functionality and layout could be answered and resolved before the feature was implemented in the final game.

Our interactive prototypes were highly successful with NetherRealm and they loved using them in testing. We’re 99% certain that no other UX/UI company produces the same type and quality of prototypes that we do.