Technical Integration

A brand new service from Sprung Studios

Sprung Studios are delighted to announce a brand new service. In addition to their well-established work in UX/UI design, we are now able to offer front-end technical integration into your game. We are thrilled to extend our product services to include technical development.

We can provide a seamless integration of our high-fidelity wireframes and beautiful interface design into a responsive, intuitive product ready for integration into the final game.

With the creation of increasingly complex and sophisticated gameplay, game production requires more time and commitment from in-house development teams. In offering a complete front-end service, Sprung Studios can support your team by liberating resource to work on other vital areas of the game.

Developers with either a large or small team will benefit enormously. A small team whose time is stretched will be able to release developers to work on the game itself. Conversely, a large team will find that there is no dilution of the work provided by Sprung Studios, which is a possibility when the size of the team is considerable.

Finally, this has increased our resource for our popular interactive prototypes, an increasingly successful aspect of our service.


The game engines currently supported are Scaleform, Unity and Unreal