Employee Spotlight - Ruwan

Employee Spotlight - Ruwan

Adrenaline junkie, opera singer, mixologist,  furniture builder, and more – Ruwan, our Vancouver UX/UI Lead, has no shortage of interests or skills, and we haven’t even started talking about all of the things he does at Sprung Studios!

We sat down with Ruwan, our resident Renaissance man, to find out more about how he found Sprung, what inspires him inside and outside of work, and more!

Born in Sri-Lanka, Ruwan has worked and lived all over the world, from Australia to Singapore – eventually finding his way to Canada. After building his resume, and gaining experience with roles at some of the top game developers in the world, Ruwan met Sprung CEO James Chaytor quite by chance – a similar comment on a LinkedIn post that led Ruwan to find out more about James and the company.

A few things stood out to Ruwan after digging deeper, he says “after doing my research, I thought to myself that Sprung Studios is exactly the kind of place I’d like to work, they specialise in my craft and are trusted by the top game developers in the world. I messaged James, we went out for a drink and the rest is history as they say! Another thing that stood out to me in the initial meeting was the authenticity and transparency, that I now know, trickles down to all that we do – internally, and with our clients”.

As one of Sprung Studio’s UX/UI Lead’s, Ruwan is the face of the projects he works on – steering projects in the right direction while working amongst a group of people who are united by enthusiasm. He is constantly inspired by the talent surrounding him and the challenge of meeting a myriad of expectations, from the team’s, to clients, to his own (a challenge he excels at).

We asked him what he is most proud of at Sprung, and to those who work here, the answer won’t come as a surprise, he says “ I’m most proud of the team, and the way everyone treats each other. The work is great, but it’s the energy in the room..it’s so warm, real, and positive”.

Besides being an integral part of our team, and a strong contender for the ‘most interesting man alive’ award – Ruwan is also, not surprisingly; a passionate gamer. Lastly, we asked him to tell us a little about his favourite games!

What’s your most played genre?
I play all the things! Though my happy place is action adventure RPGs. I love games that let me take my time, get distracted or explore. some favourites include Witcher III, Assassins Creed 2 Brotherhood, Tomb Raider, Sleeping dogs and Red dead.

I can’t play Battle Royale games though, they stress me out way too much!

What are you playing right now?
I just finished Red Dead 2. I really loved the story with all the expected tugs at the heart strings. Very impressed with, and enamoured with that game. I’ve been working my way through my steam collection and loving lots of smaller titles too.

What game do you want rebooted?
I’d love to see sleeping dogs make a comeback. Or jade empire!

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