Employee Spotlight - Matt Jarvis

Employee Spotlight - Matt Jarvis

Front End Developer by day, circus fanatic by night, Matt ‘UI Guy’ Jarvis joined us in early 2018, and has since become an integral member of the Sprung Team.

We sat down with Matt, the only Sprung team member that can fire breathe and ride a unicycle (that we know of), to find out more about him and how he found Sprung Studios.

Always a fan of computers, games and technologies, Matt’s career path was established fairly early on in his life when he began getting paid for creating servers for gaming communities at the age of 14 (getting into programming shortly after). It’s no surprise then, that he graduated with a First Class Degree in Computer and Video Game Development from the University of Salford.

Quickly gaining the nickname ‘UI Guy’ at Salford – when a friend noticed the role of Front End Developer at Sprung Studios in our Brighton studio; they thought of Matt immediately, shared the posting and he applied right away.

Responsible for bringing designs to life with interactive prototypes; the role demands passion, initiative, and skill – qualities Matt has no shortage of! As a Front End Developer, Matt is able to put his unique skill-set to work; combining his talent and analytic mind, with equal parts creative problem-solving and organization…talk about juggling (yes, we know we’re walking a tightrope with our circus puns)!

Q: Most played genre?

A: Open-world survival, crafting games.

Q:  What are you playing now?

A: I recently finished playing Detroit: Become Human. It is an incredible game and the journey start-finish got me COMPLETELY hooked. I definitely recommend everyone play it! Right now I’m playing Subnautica – an open-world, survival crafting game, where you crash land in an unknown water-ridden planet…only to dive to the depths… deeper and deeper, to uncover the mysteries, and horrors that lay beneath.

It’s my second time playing the game start to finish. First time was on the PC and the second time was on the PS4. I loved it so much I definitely wanted to play a console ported version for me to lay back and freak out when you see the bone-chilling Leviathans.

Q:  What game do you want rebooted?

A: TimeSplitters! This was my favourite game and most played when I was younger. If this game is rebooted I would melt.

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