Employee Spotlight -  Aiden Le Santo

Aiden Le Santo is a lead UX/UI designer operating out of Sprung Studios’ Brighton office. He has been with Sprung for a number of years and has helped drive several of the company’s most significant collaborations. 

Aiden studied at his home town college in Lincolnshire before continuing his studies at the University of Norwich, where he studied game art and design. Near the end of his degree, one of Aiden’s instructors had a chance-meeting with Sprung Studios CEO, James Chaytor. The instructor mentioned to James that they had a student who would be perfect for Sprung. After submitting his portfolio and attending an interview, Aiden was brought on as a junior UX/UI designer while he finished his degree.

Aiden Le Santo Aiden Le Santo

Aiden moved to Brighton to be closer to the office and make the most of the opportunity. To make the change more cost-effective, he bought and moved into a boat as the mooring fees were much cheaper for a student than the increasing rent prices in the area. 

One of the aspects that stood out to Aiden, when he first joined Sprung, was how much he was learning. He studied game art and design as an academic subject, but found he took in much more information by applying his knowledge directly to projects at the studio. Aiden attributes the rapid amount of learning he experienced in those first few months to the variety of projects he worked on, as well as the art direction and feedback he received from senior members of the team. 

Aiden soon found himself gaining more responsibilities within projects. This increasing dependability gradually steered him to become a senior and then a lead UX/UI designer once the company began its expansion into Vancouver.

Aiden has a mixture of hobbies that keep him busy in his spare time. Cycling and bouldering are two of his more active interests, but he is a gamer at heart. Aiden also builds and collects mechanical keyboards. His current collection contains eight different keyboards, with a few of them being intricately designed to weave in references to some of his favourite pop-culture. His extensive interest in this area has led him to be the go-to guy at the office for keyboard recommendations. 

What has been an important lesson you have learnt at Sprung Studios? 

  • You can always make something better, your first Idea won’t always be your best one. Iteration goes a long way. When you’re a student or a young designer, it’s very easy to say, ‘Yep, I’ve solved it, this will do,’ but then feedback will come and put you in your place. 
  • Collaboration and feedback can really drive something forward, and that feedback can come from all kinds of different areas. It might not be an art director or design creative, it might be a programmer; it can come from anyone. The cooperation we have at Sprung is definitely what facilitates valuable iteration and progression of ideas. 

Having experienced leads like Aiden allows Sprung to be confident that the work we deliver is of the highest quality, as we are steadily growing and collaborating with increasingly established clients. Aiden is excited about Sprung’s continued expansion and what that will mean for the types of games he will work on in the future. 

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