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ChuChu Rocket! was first released on the SEGA Dreamcast in 1999. It was much loved due to its unique blend of thought-provoking puzzles combined with chaotic cat and mouse action.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe retains its quirky heritage, large number of addictive puzzles and chaotic multiplayer fun. It’s still ChuChu, but so much more!

ChuChu Rocket! Universe shown on Iphone


One of our areas of focus was the Home and Constellation View. We worked closely with Hardlight to investigate new ideas for how the player would navigate between these two areas. As this is an area of the game players would spend a lot of time, we wanted to make this interaction fun and unique, while also making sure it was fluid and as easy to understand as possible.

ChuChu Rocket! Universe Wireframes


Our tech team produced prototypes to accompany the planet view wireframes. ChuChu Rocket Universe will be used with several input types (touch, Apple TV remote and mouse & keyboard) so the prototypes were essential for us to communicate how the system we designed would work intuitively across all platforms.


During the UI phase, it was important to capture the sense of fun and craziness that the game exudes. The key for us was balancing all the excitement and wackiness while also adding some clarity and modern conventions.

ChuChu Rocket Universe! Wireframe Before ChuChu Rocket Universe! Wireframe After
ChuChu Rocket! Universe Social


Using a bold and playful colour palette mixed with some non-uniformed “wonk” shapes, inspired by the characters in the game, we created something that sat comfortably in the world and gave a premium game feel.


Another area of focus for us was the multiplayer screens. Using the same quirky energy from the UI designs, our amazing motion graphics team created a fun and exciting animation for the transition from the home to the multiplayer screens and the end of a team multiplayer match. The effects and transitions really helped to bring the UI to life and reinforce the strength of the designs.