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In the high-flying, hard-crashing motorcycle action game Trials Rising, players can take a worldwide tour through ridable locations like the Eiffel Tour and the Great Wall of China.

As riders complete events and take on challenges, they will earn Fame and grow their standing as a Trials champion.

Ps4 Screen Mockup 2 Ps4_Screen_Mockup-Trials_rising


Sprung Studios worked with Ubisoft Redlynx to establish the UX throughout the game. These wireframes showcase some exploration into the Main Menu, Map and Player Profiles.

Our focus for the UX was to create an engaging menu system that surfaced user-generated content, as well as highlighting the stats and career progression of players.


Various prototypes were created during our collaboration on Trials Rising. This video demonstrates part of the post-race flow.

Our use of animation created a flow that was easy to follow, while still giving opportunity to show off the player’s customised outfits.

Our prototypes also allowed us to validate the control schemes throughout the menus, and ensure interactions felt smooth and intuitive across any platform.


We worked closely with the Art team at Ubisoft Redlynx to develop a unique style for the UI that communicated the iconic attitude of the Trials series.

It was key for us to bring new life to the game while also maintaining the personality that players had loved so much from the previous entries.

Taking a bold, contemporary palette combined with a rough and grungy edge allowed us to express the unique voice of the Trials brand.


After establishing the art style to be used throughout the game’s UI, we produced a detailed Style Guide for Ubisoft Redlynx.

This would allow them to leverage the style and apply it to the rest of the game as it developed. By providing clear guidelines, we could also ensure that the visual language and message would remain consistent as the game evolved.