Laser League. It’s fast. It’s deadly. It requires teamwork and strategy. In this new fast-paced sports game from Roll7, teams battle it out, setting up deadly moving lasers within a futuristic arena. The aim is to eliminate the opposition with speed, strength and agility. To win, each team needs an unbeatable gameplan and close collaboration.

Laser League - game view
Flow Diagrams for Laser League


The flows formed a vital part of our initial analysis of the game. With so many complexities within the menu system and play experience, every possible scenario was carefully mapped and calculated.  Each player journey needed to be fully realised before we continued to develop more detailed wireframes.


With the number and variety of play combinations available – Singleplayer/Multiplayer, Local or Online, AI/Player – we knew it was important to create a User Experience that flowed smoothly. This was the heart of our challenge. The system also needed to adapt dynamically as players joined or left gameplay, a crucial element to the energetic progression of the game and to keep players playing.

Laser League wireframe example of customising default ability


Part of the client brief request involved the ability of players to be able to customise all aspects of their characters at the same time on the same screen. This area of the User Experience required intense iteration time to anticipate how all these decisions could be made by players without losing any of the speed and excitement of the gameplay.