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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is here!

After a year of industry hype and fourteen years since the previous installment, the world’s premier flight simulator has been released.

Players are thrust right into the cockpit and pilot their plane from take-off to landing, all while being fully immersed in an accurate representation of the globe thanks to the two petabytes worth of satellite and aerial imagery.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on PC


The Marketplace that Sprung Studios optimized, in collaboration with Asobo, incorporates both Microsoft and third-Party purchases that supplement the core game through monetization and expanded gameplay. 

We designed the marketplace in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to be intuitive for players, while also increasing customer engagement, through clearer player comprehension, improved workflow and easier visualization of purchase methods.


Improving overall accessibility was a key aspect of Sprung Studios’ work with Asobo and crucial in creating a clear and fluid player experience.

Increased font legibility, size refinement and colour contrast correction were just some of the improvements implemented within the setting and marketplace menus.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Accessibility Before Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Accessibility After
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Collaboration


Sprung Studios collaborated closely with Microsoft and Asobo in the creation of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020’s improved player experience and interaction. 

Constant communication and engagement were contributing factors to the success of the project, with increased problem solving between the teams being attributed to how clear consistent revisions were regularly reported.

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