Top Eleven Football Manager from developer Nordeus, is a hugely popular online game utilizing social media to engage with 130 million registered users worldwide and 3 million daily active gamers. Organizing the training of a top-level football team is an absorbing task with team building, training and tactics playing a major role in success, all played out in a giant stadium that every user can develop and build.

iPhone 7 top11 iPhone-7-top11


As we were re-thinking an existing menu system within an extremely popular and current game, it became necessary to accommodate how existing players would enter Associations. We created a series of different layouts which were consistent with other areas of the game and also designed new layouts that suited the purpose of the new features.


Our bespoke Interactive Prototyping framework enabled us to test the interaction of key aspects of the Associations area including the drag and drop card system. Using our framework, we were able to test the animation of content, enhancing the information delivery of the menu system.


Following an extensive and collaborative wireframe phase, we moved on to working with the UI team on creating a visual style.

We followed the existing design, but evolved certain aspects of the visual style, in keeping with the changes to the interface that the internal team were implementing.

visual style

“I was very pleasantly surprised with how easily you embraced our existing game style and delivered quality UX and UI solutions. ”

-Aleksandar Aleksić, Nordeus

UX UI Design Client - Nordeus Logo